Our Bio



Judy and Lydia are sisters who, for most of their lives, took different paths. Judy went to study chemistry at UC Berkeley while Lydia studied statistics at CalPoly San Luis Obispo. After college, the two took on jobs in different industries. However, their love for food and drinks has always united them together. Late 2017, Judy and Lydia partnered up to embark on a food journey and started Upper Room Milk Tea. The first cup was served June 9, 2018 at the Vallejo Farmers' Market.

Our motivation was simple - elevate milk tea to the next level and share it with the people around us. We believe that milk tea should be high quality, made with simple but quality ingredients and taste delicious. We want our milk tea to help you start your mornings and wind down your afternoons.

We promise to put the same amount of love and care into each handcrafted cup so that you don't have to worry about what's going into your milk tea. You've got enough to think about already so let us take care of this part for you.


Our Teas

Our black tea is a blend of 4 teas from Africa, Sri Lanka, and India and is brewed 2 ways to bring you the best flavor.

We do not use milk creamers or powders and we make all of our simple syrups from scratch.

All of our seasonal drinks come from local small businesses+farms and are diligently concocted and taste tested before arriving into your hand.